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Tomatoes Tomatoes are a very peculiar fruit: everybody thinks it's a vegetable, but it's really a fruit, and more precisely a berry! In botanical terms a fruit consists of the ovary of the plant, with its seeds, and that's exactly what a tomato is.order now

Papaya Papaya is considered originally come from Mexico. After the discovery of America was spread papayas to the world. It was established quickly papaya cultivation in India and then the cultivation of papaya has spread to Africa and South America. order now

Watermelon No other fruit says summer like the subtly crunchy, thirst quenching watermelon. Although watermelons can now be found in the markets throughout the year, the season for watermelon is in the summer when they are sweet and of the best quality.   order now

Banana The banana plant is a herbaceous plant of the family Musaceae, which because of its size and structure, is on many occasions confused with a tree. The plant is grown for its fruit, being of southeastern Asian origin.

Bananas that are destined for human consumption do not contain seeds. The plant produces two stems at the same time: a bigger one for the immediate obtaining of the fruit, and a smaller one, which produces the fruit 6-8 months later. The lifespan of a banana plant plantation is at least 25 years. order now

Mango The Mango (Known as "Aam" in Hindi) is the national fruit of India. The fruit Mango is one of the most widely cultivated fruits of the tropical world. This juicy, delicious fruit is a rich source of Vitamins A, C and D. There are over 100 varieties of mangos in India, in a in different sizes, shapes and colors. It is a fleshy fruit, eaten ripe or used green for pickles etc. Mangoes, have been cultivated in India from time immemorial.   order now

Dates Dates are very nutritious. Dates are loaded with the energy you need every day – to win a marathon race or get you through a tough day. With only 24 calories per date (248 per 100 gram serving), dates are high in dietary fiber, low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and contain more potassium than bananas! Very few other fruits offer this healthful combination. Dates also helps to build the body and reduces alcohol intoxication. It is usually taken raw or with milk.
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